One Blue, Two Red, One Yellow Mobile

One Blue, Two Red, One Yellow Mobile


Artist: Glenn Roundy

8" x 8" x 6.5"

sheet metal, wire, copper tubing, acrylic paint

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    Your purchase supports the schoolchildren of St. Louis d’Ayiti, Haiti. For more information about our team’s work in partnering with this remote mountain community, please visit All sales are final.

  • Artist Bio

    Artist Glenn Roundy of Hamilton, MA, creatively transforms sheet metal, wire and objects he finds interesting into captivating mobiles and wire sculptures. Intrigued by the work of Alexander Calder, Glenn started experimenting with mobiles out of curiosity and his works quickly became gifts for family and friends. Self-taught, his work continues to evolve and maintains a tradition of pushing artistic boundaries. Shadows cast by his mobiles’ movement create evocative displays nearly as interesting as the mobiles themselves. Glenn experiments with scale, balance, and subject matter to create truly unique pieces. His lifelong love of nature is reflected in some of his more recent works, which incorporate ocean and plant life into his delightful designs.

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